Entries submitted…

Not sure if I have mentioned already that I won the People’s Choice prize for my entry ‘Unfurled’ in The Laman Street Art Prize.  That has been such a boost to my confidence, especially in working with leather in my creations.


On the strength of that, I have entered ‘Unfurled’ (pictured here) in the Waterhouse Fine Arts Nature Award in Adelaide and all my leather creations in the Royal Botanic Gardens exhibition in Sydney.  I am waiting to see if I have been accepted.  I will of course let you know of any acceptances.

Last week I ‘Autumn cleaned’ my studio.  I think it is a form of procrastination, but it is a useful one as I am now working in a space with clearer energy.

My next creation will be a headwear piece (another floral in leather) inspired by these flowers:



This is the second white leather headpiece.  It is a work in progress, and I have just completed the lining and lining trim.  It was raining yesterday and my studio was the best place to be.  Everything is hand-stitched; no glue!  I love that fact.   I took my time and care as I want it to be of the highest quality I can achieve.  The only thing I have to add to this ‘underside’ of the headpiece is a few small loops for either a thin metal headband, or for hairpins.

white leather 2b