Springtime headwear….

I have only just completed making this hat for a beautiful friend of mine for the upcoming Caulfield Cup.  You may already know that sinamay is one of my favourite materials to use in hatmaking.  It is very sculptural.

The process of making is a joy for me:  sketching the design, colour-matching, choosing materials, and finally beginning the creation- with any associated problem solving.

I have made this design before, however no two hats are the same, and each process feels different.  It’s creating all over again.

I will follow-up with photos of Ally in her raceday outfit soon.

A recent whimsy…..

Leather has to be my all-time favourite millinery material.  However, running a close second to leather is sinamay.  I am sure I have extolled the virtues of sinamay before, however, just in case:  Sinamay is a beautiful woven ‘fabric’ that is so easily manipulated when moistened and worked on the bias.  So much so, that it can produce sumptuous swirls, tantalizing twirls and comely curves.

I made ‘whimsy’ after finishing the daisy creation.  I didn’t design her beforehand; it was quite spontaneous, and a great experience after working in leather.  I enjoy alternating my mediums.

whimsy 2018

And two friends dropped in to my studio earlier this week.  Here is Anne wearing ‘whimsy’- and really putting on the charm!

Anne wearing 'whimsy'