…finally it is finished!


Laman Street Art Prize

The opening for this show is tonight. I’m pleased with my entry- a leather flora inspired hat. Will post photos after tonight…. here’s a glimpse –

The exhibition is on at Acrux Gallery, 123 Tudor Street, Hamilton until 11th February 2018.

Hmmmm….. I find myself in 2018

For me, it came and went so quickly – last year!  There were quite a few personal matters that took my time and energy during 2017.  Actually I don’t think I even got off the starting blocks’.

This year has started with a burst of activity as I finish my entry for the 2018 Laman Street Prize.  Entries must be dropped off by 22nd January and I will be finishing my hatwork this week.  Here is a snippet preview of the hat:

sewing 7th layer

The materials:  leather, fabric/wire/leno base, paint, thread, glue, gloss medium


It sits more-or-less as shown here