3 sleeps

yes, its only 3 more sleeps until I board my flight for London and the festivities of London Hat Week!!!

I have room for 3 hats in my suitcase…that’s all✈

Woohoo!!! 😃

Hats and London

Currently my thoughts and actions are focused on an impending trip to London in early October for London Hat Week.  I am traveling on my own and although I have a lot of activities planned; it is still a tad daunting.

Apart from everyday outfits, and I have been advised that 3 outfits is sufficient if traveling ‘light’,  I think that I will have to pack at least 3 additional ‘dress-up’ combinations – including of course, hats!    Big hats are out of the question, as I really DO like to travel light, so I have selected 2 pillbox hats, a leather headpiece, a recent leather/thermoplastic creation and my casual, black felt cloche.

These may be ‘weeded’ out before the suitcase closes!.

Below:  my ‘clutter’ of possibles! (for London)

first-pic, only time will tell!