Moving my studio

The Newcastle Community Arts Centre where 40+ artists have their studios will close early next year.  The (non-cultural council) NCC has sold this building to the Catholic Church and we are all out!!!!

I am looking for a new hat studio.  It is a big change for a lot of us and there is no guarantee we will all find a place together again.  I love my current little studio.

So I have been looking at a few possibilities…. but am not sure about either of them.


After visiting London and Ireland in October I have been again inspired by the men’s headwear.  The beautiful Donegal Tweeds evident in the flat caps and newsboy caps were delightful, as were the beautifully blocked hats in felt.

I am ‘nutting out’ a pattern for a flat cap….already have a newsboy cap pattern.  Perhaps I will concentrate on them for a while, and learning/upskilling in the art of blocking mens’ felt hats.


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