A Wrap up of January!

In my Studio

This month I have had an influx of hats that needed restoring.  I enjoy restoring old Akubras; re-blocking crowns on well loved hats and inserting new sweatbands into old favourites.  Instead of buying new sweatbands elsewhere, I have started making my own from the leather I have in supply.  The leather sewing foot attachment works well, feeding the leather through my faithful machine.  It was an interesting moment when I realised that I could ‘simply’ make my own sweatband, rather than searching for one online.  Cool!

I have also started on a black dress hat……


Did You Know

Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of milliners.                                                   She is celebrated on November 25.

Highlighting the Cloche



Here is a cloche I have made.   The cloche suits a heart-shaped face, which is generally recognised by the ‘widows peak’ hairline feature.  Hats in this style retail for $A240.


Hats in Art

Edgar Degas, ‘At the Milliners’


If the Hat Fits

Johnny Depp does look good in a hat.  He has quite a collection too.

Image result for celebrity hat wearers










Thank you for reading my blog.  Posts will appear at least every month…..towards the end of each month.

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